In addition to scheduling vocal and instrumental festivals and competitions for music organizations around the world, AuditionWare now provides custom solutions for ANY TYPE of organization or industry.

We schedule participants in multiple venues across any number of locations while preventing overlapping time conflicts in every paricipant's schedule.

This unique scheduling algorithm developed by our company prevents participants and their accompanists from being double-booked in any event where each person needs to be in multiple locations during the time range allotted for the event.

This service is very affordable and scalable. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding your scheduling needs and we can get you started using this online tool very quickly.


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Easy to Use

Your feedback has helped us make significant improvements to the ease-of-use of this website. The new layout is much cleaner and easier to navigate, making for a more user-friendly experience in registering your students.


This is an economical and quality solution for any college, grade school, chapter, district, or region. You may use all or part of this web site based on your individual needs and interests.

Fees per student registration:
$3 for NATS events
$2 for non-NATS scheduled events
or online video audition events

New Features

Online video auditions
Links to YouTube video submissions are entered for each student, after which adjudicators watch those videos and record their comments and scores on a customizable online form that can later be printed for each student. It's super easy and very affordable--the LOWEST PRICE in the industry for this type of service.

What We Do


AuditionWare - The Audition Scheduling Solution.

We are the original online automated scheduling service for all music organizations, including NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing), Indianapolis Matinee Musicale, Omaha Area Youth Orchestras, and Utah Voice. All national, regional, or local chapter/district singing and instrumental teachers and students have Free membership access to this website.

Scheduling of any adjudications, auditions, or competition for Grade School, College, and University settings is facilitated with this online tool. This unique website allows your coordination staff to easily schedule conflict-free auditions of any size group in a matter of minutes.

The way it works is an administrator first sets up the requirements for a competition after which each teacher registers his/her students using an online form on this website. Once registration is completed, the automated scheduling service is activated. This service literally runs in 1-2 minutes--automatically scheduling all of your students so that pianists and students are never double-booked in any time-slot across multiple rooms running simultaneously, thus saving dozens of hours by your coordination staff.

About Us


AuditionWare LLC was created in 2010 after 2 years of rigorous testing of an automated online vocal competition scheduling prototype.

The program was so successful during its trial period that it attracted over 100 local and regional vocal organizations nationwide for scheduling their audition competitions. Currently, over 6300 teachers have used this program to register over 90,000+ students for their local and regional vocal and instrumental adjudications.

For more information and/or a demonstration of how it all works, please send an email to: